Xinyi Xie

Wake Up from the Dreams of Startups


They say young people are always emotional and impulsive, especially when they make decisions. And I would suggest all the young people or someone who have a plan to startup to read this article: THE PMARCA GUIDE TO STARTUPS. Hope this article could help you calm down and deeply consider everything before you make your decisions.

Yes, startup became to many peoples first choice. Everything seems to be really easy and attractive, especially to someone who want to be their own boss. You might had read or heard lots of stories about successfully startup examples: people easily get success with their creatively products (even some of them sounds stupid and simple), people could work with a team of members who shared similar dreams, nobody care when you arrive your office and so on. This seems to be a really easy way to make money.

Everything is so attractive and one of my friends who also studies at an American university decided to drop out of school and go back to China without informing his family. He said he believes that he was just wasting his time in school and it would be more meaningful if he started to set his own business in China right now. Although every friend who heard about his plan told him that he should not do so and he need to consider about everything more carefully, he still refused everyone’s suggestion and went back to China.

In the part one of article, within his experiences, the author introduced many bad situations and concerns which people need to face at the beginning part of startup. These troubles are actually happened to every startup businesses and these “reminders” really help people to wake up from their fantasy and calm down to face the truth of the society. This part of article really helps people to consider about all the consequences and difficulties after startup.

Still, I need to tell the story of my friend. After he secretly went back to China at last semester, he prepared to use his tuition fee which was sponsored by his parents to startup a restaurant. However, he finally realized everything is not that easy after he paid for his rent of apartment. The rest of his start-up capital was definitely not enough to rent a shop. And there is a list of procedures he needs to deal with different government department. Until now, he finally awoke by the reality.

In the Part four of the article, the author mentioned that “market is the most important factor in a startup’s success or failure”. I did not agree with him at the first because I always thought product should be the most important part of business. But after I started to understand why the author would think so later.

During the winter break, my friend and I went to a newly opened breakfast restaurant in my hometown. This restaurant was built in one of the most famous and top business zone and right next to a luxury shopping mall. To be honest, this restaurant doesn’t really provide lots of choices of food, and the taste of these food is just okay. But the price of each food could be five times more than normal. I guess this really showed the importance of market.

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