“Better start working on your fake smile.”

By Hannah Brenner

Before reading this, I would have never guessed that more than half of a startup’s hiring ends in failure. From an outsider’s point of view it seems like everyone wants to work for startups, but now I can see why people might not be willing in a company’s early stages.While many people do want to work for startups, having a stable, secure income is also incredibly important and hard to give up. It is hard enough to forgo a stable job for your own idea, the amount of faith and trust it would take to leave a job for someone else’s idea is substantial.

“The market doesn’t care how good the team is.” There’s a solution to the hiring problem. If the market doesn’t care how good the team is, and a viable product is produced, that could form a much more stable set of jobs. Once the product exists and is proven, more people will be willing to work for you. So, in the beginning, creating a team that can get the product out there is most important. Then, after, creating a dynamite team could propel the startup even further, with more incentive for great potential employees to work there.


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