Jessie Martens

Pass Me the Spotify Shuffle

Pass me the aux cord.

Everyone thinks they have that million dollar idea. According to the USPTO there are over 500,000 applications for patents each year. There’s no shortage to the American Dream, but what’s really going to change the world? What invention is going to be the one that sticks?

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and always trying to think of something that would take the world by storm.

Virtual reality cooking? No, that sounds way too dangerous. Someone would totally cut their finger off. I even thought about a fridge that knows the contents inside and can come up with recipes based on that, but something like that apparently already exists.

But then my million dollar idea came to me while hanging out with some of my friends and we were listening to music (most of which was horrible to me). Switching from peoples phones is annoying and creating a playlist that fits everyone is even worse.

The basic concept of my media invention would be to have an app that makes a playlist based on the music that people like in your room. This way everyone in the room gets music that everyone likes. Everyone gets the aux cord.

Maybe it would be it’s own app that you create a profile and pick the types of music you like, the genres and artists and then creates a mixed playlist based off of everyones profile. It would use bluetooth to see the people around you and you would make a group with them and it would sync that way.

Or maybe it would be an app that links peoples Spotify playlists together and plays out of a speaker shuffling from the different playlists. This way when you’re hanging out with friends everyone gets music they like played. Since Spotify already has over 20 million subscribers, it would be easier to initiate.

We could call it Spotify Shuffle, that way it has the brand name in it so people know that it’s reliable. For a small payment you can get this part that attaches to whatever speaker you want to use. Or for a payment you can get the Spotify speaker that connects with your Spotify without having to play off your phone or laptop, so it doesn’t use data or your battery life.

It would even have the smart capability to pick songs based on what everyone likes. By choosing common interests it will play songs you didn’t even have, but that it senses people will really like based on the songs they already have.

Then, instead of having to create specific playlists for everyone that’s going to come, especially since everyone has a different taste in music, this would make everyone happy.

You just turn on the Spotify Shuffle mode and it locates everyone around the speaker within a certain distance and you can pick whose playlists you want to shuffle from. You can also save your friends and shuffle between these playlists whenever you want without having to be around them as well.

No matter where you go if you take your Spotify Shuffle with you, you have the ability to mix playlists and make everyone happy with music choices.

Now no one with fight for the aux cord, partly because there are no cords involved, but mostly because everyone will have songs they like playing.



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