Bingqing Mao

Social Media Becomes a New Stage for Officials

The President of People’s Public China, Jinping Xi, posted his first Weibo at the end of 2015 to give his New Year wishes, which turned into a huge Internet hit. He is China’s first president to interact with the public on social media to, and it is all very official.

His wife, Liyuan Peng, is also active on Weibo. This has helped her gain a lot of support from Chinese youths, and also helps Jinping Xi build a more personable image overall.  It is the first time in Chinese history that governors pay such attention to a social media App rather than a print press, such as People’s daily.

The President of People’s Public China, Jinping Xi, is posting his first Weibo post. credit by

Since the Obama became the U.S. president, he has taken advantage of social media to achieve a great success at his champion, many officials and governor also realized the power of it. Doesn’t like the United States, the transform is from the bottom to the up. Since 2011, a public security sub-bureau in Nanjing, China opened its official Weibo account, “Jiangning Police online”.And because of the editor of this account is a young man, whose language is close to the most Weibo users and always tries to combine funny pictures and short sentences to tell the news or popularize the safety knowledge, then this account became one of the most popular and powerful official accounts in Weibo. According to the, the “Jiangning Police online” had 1.49 billion views, 712,000 comments in 2015, and is the top one government affair ‘s account. In addition to the “Jiangning Police online”, other government affair’s account such as Safety Beijing and Safety Nanyue have strong influences among the citizens as well.

With the development of social media, more and more officials and governors in China tend to have an account on social media, especially in Weibo. The local governments also find that it is a convenient way to communicate with citizens. Although the news media have more freedom for people to deliver information, the challenge also exists, for instance, the social media also triggering lots of “internet language”, many elder officials and governors still keeps its old-fashioned language style, which turned out that few people would follow them. However, if you used the words which are too informal, people may neglect them. Therefore, it is also the dilemma for the political officials to get used to the internet environment: how to make serious topics entertainment, easy to understanding, but also address the problem to let people pay attention.

After all, Weibo is becoming Chinese most important mobile App for networking, the information distributing and also the main platform for people to communicate with governors, that is, the governors and officials have another new stage for them to perform; no matter it is local or federal.

In a word, the news media in China would be social media based, and connecting with both entertainment information and political information at the same time.


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