Jessie Martens

Modern Love

Brian Rea/The New York Times


The New York Times and WBUR-FM, Boston’s NPR news station, are taking podcasting out of the dark ages by bringing ‘Modern Love’ essays to life with music, sounds and celebrities.

‘Modern Love’ is a popular column in the New York Times that has been going for nearly a decade. Last year they released their ten most popular stories out of over 500 they have written.

“The tools are all coming together to take podcasts out of the dark ages and into the renaissance. The last year has brought more business and technological innovation to the medium than at any point in the last decade,” Stephen Lacy, author of the article “The End of the Dark Ages of Podcasting” said.

With the recent popularity of podcasting, the NYT and WBUR decided to bring these personal stories of love, loss and hope to life.

According to Nieman Lab, the story came from WBUR’s Lisa Tobin who pitched the idea to Times two years ago.

The benefit of being able to listen to the stories via podcast is the added music and sounds to bring the story to life. They even have celebrities like Dakota Fanning and Sarah Paulson read these heartwarming and sometimes heart wrenching stories.

One of the best parts about ‘Modern Love’ is that at the end they interview the author of the story. Not only do you get to hear this inmate, beautiful story, but all of your burning questions about it will be answered.

This is also innovative tool for advertising. Instead of hoping people click on your stories to get advertisement revenue, ads are incorporated into the podcast.

I have been listening to these podcasts since they came out in late January and I love the idea of them. It’s a laid back podcast with a relaxing vibe. I hadn’t heard of the column of these stories before, but it has also increased my interest in reading all the ones that are out there.

Being able to take your old personal stories and turning them into a podcast like ‘Modern Love’ is not only gratifying, but an innovative way to expand your brand.


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