Alexandra Donlin

Is the Media Becoming More Personal?

Source: Fresh Print Magazine In the 2015 State of the News Media by the Pew Research Center, it was no surprise that digital newspapers and magazines are becoming more popular. However it does seem that the media is becoming more personal and local. With blogs and podcasting becoming more and more popular anyone is able to contribute and… Continue reading Is the Media Becoming More Personal?

Nathaniel Gaynor

Change Might Not Be the Worst Thing

Reviewing the information outlined in Pew’s State of the News Media, 2015, I found myself consistently impressed with the fact that the news is still an important powerful aspect of consumers’ daily lives. I found this especially true amidst the doom-and-gloom rhetoric about the death of journalism many were predicting just a few years earlier.… Continue reading Change Might Not Be the Worst Thing

Danielle Carrier

Publications Innovating Towards Targeted Audiences

Upon reading the giant research article by Pew Research Center, “State of the News Media 2015,” I was intrigued and also not surprised by many of the findings. Every year Pew comes out with a new article analyzing viewer audiences among different media outlets in the United States. To name a few; podcasts, radio, online… Continue reading Publications Innovating Towards Targeted Audiences