Rianna Middleton

Where Do You Grow Growth Businesses?

Although there are currently over 660,000 podcasts on the market, many shows still struggle to monetize their content. Most podcasts relied on advertising and sponsorship revenue, but that’s even somewhat limited. There are currently severe limitations on the analytics podcasts can provide to their advertisers to prove their worth, at least on popular platforms like… Continue reading Where Do You Grow Growth Businesses?

Trevor Toczydlowski

A Look Behind The Scenes of Building a Startup

If you had the chance, would you quit your well-paying, full-time job to start a company of your own? Would you give up the stability it takes to raise a family and bet on your idea and ability? That is exactly what Alex Blumberg chronicled in the first season of his Startup podcast. Blumberg had… Continue reading A Look Behind The Scenes of Building a Startup

Trevor Toczydlowski

Tracking the shift in forms of consumed media

Nowadays we often hear that the media is full of fake news and is slowly dying. Dying, however, is a misleading term in this scenario. While traditional media outlets and mediums are less popular now than they were before, they still have a strong and passionate user base. Local TV news, which was a staple… Continue reading Tracking the shift in forms of consumed media

Nathaniel Gaynor

Taking Podcasting by the Long-Tail

A heartbeat away from obscurity, one podcast has busted down the door for a profitable, rising storytelling sub-genre. Thanks to Serial, podcasting is enjoying a resurgence of popularity – and making money. Popular podcaster Adam Carolla who hosts a show called “The Adam Carolla Show” told CBS News he expected to generate $5 million in… Continue reading Taking Podcasting by the Long-Tail