Rianna Middleton

The Power of a Journalism Degree

When people hear you’re majoring in Journalism, you usually get one of three reactions. The most common is doubt. They’ll say, “Do you really think you’ll make any money doing that?” Another is surprise. They’ll tell you how “unique” your choice is. Finally, there is well-intended guidance that comes off sounding condescending. They’ll tell you… Continue reading The Power of a Journalism Degree

Ruta Ulcinaite

Who’s Responsible for the Decline of Media?

Many newsroom employees are very quick to point their fingers at specific organizations and technologies for layoffs and declining local news overall. But who is really to blame? The rise of the internet? The rise of social media?  Jeremy Littau wrote in his Slate article that the bad seed goes back to the 1980’s and… Continue reading Who’s Responsible for the Decline of Media?

Rianna Middleton

Startup Ideas Don’t Grow on Trees

All entrepreneurs have something in common: they’re creative, resilient and brave. They don’t take no for an answer. However, even the most successful ones had to work hard to find their perfect startup idea. Unfortunately, like money, startup ideas don’t grow on trees.  Paul Graham, entrepreneur and venture capitalist, said it best: “The way to… Continue reading Startup Ideas Don’t Grow on Trees

Rianna Middleton

Life of a wanna-be journalist: A state of resilience

At a young age, I discovered a love of writing. I wrote full-length stories, complete with compelling female characters who took on everything from fighting crime to everyday life in the suburbs. I also created my own magazines, cutting out pictures from real publications and gluing them onto my own articles, stapling the whole bundle… Continue reading Life of a wanna-be journalist: A state of resilience

Bridget Bartos

Media is reinventing itself

Media is known to be a quick-moving entity. When I was younger, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were barely in existence. Now, they are taking over the world generation by generation. This, however, doesn’t mean that more traditional ways of media consumption are dying off. According to a recent report by the Pew Research Center, daytime… Continue reading Media is reinventing itself