Rianna Middleton

Life of a wanna-be journalist: A state of resilience

At a young age, I discovered a love of writing. I wrote full-length stories, complete with compelling female characters who took on everything from fighting crime to everyday life in the suburbs. I also created my own magazines, cutting out pictures from real publications and gluing them onto my own articles, stapling the whole bundle… Continue reading Life of a wanna-be journalist: A state of resilience

Danielle Carrier

Publications Innovating Towards Targeted Audiences

Upon reading the giant research article by Pew Research Center, “State of the News Media 2015,” I was intrigued and also not surprised by many of the findings. Every year Pew comes out with a new article analyzing viewer audiences among different media outlets in the United States. To name a few; podcasts, radio, online… Continue reading Publications Innovating Towards Targeted Audiences