Ashley Jayne

Podcasting and where it’s headed

  There are many different mediums of news because of growing innovations in technology. Journalism and blogging has evolved past ink and paper to onto phones, apps, radio and more. Developments in radio and mobile devices have lead to the revival of podcasts, which are once again growing  in popularity. Advocates of the podcast seem optimistic about… Continue reading Podcasting and where it’s headed

Alexandra Donlin

Hear Nebraska: Making a Case for Local Blogging

  Hear Nebraska is a unique website showcasing Nebraska music and culture in long-form features. According to the site, their vision is: “Hear Nebraska strives to make the state a globally recognized cultural destination.” Co-founders Andrew and Angie Norman, both Nebraska natives, recently came to Michigan State University, where Andrew earned his master’s degree in environmental journalism,… Continue reading Hear Nebraska: Making a Case for Local Blogging

Bingqing Mao

Wisdom Journalism: Calling For Responsibility and Credibility

  Photo courtesy of iStockPhoto/agsandrew Internet and smartphones provide people with various ways to process the information and news in the fastest way possible. As the technology developed, people pursue speed more than ever. In order to adapt a world where everything is instant, even the information, many journalist also choose to produce instant news reports. They… Continue reading Wisdom Journalism: Calling For Responsibility and Credibility

Connor Hayes · Uncategorized

Podcasts Continue Trend of Steady Growth

With popular streaming services such as Spotify and Google Play getting into the podcast business, it appears that the form of audio media is as popular as ever. While it has not been formally announced, a deleted Bill Simmons tweet indicated that  Google play’s service will soon launch,  carrying his popular “BSPN” podcast. This is exciting… Continue reading Podcasts Continue Trend of Steady Growth

Jane Wagner

Old Journalism vs. New Journalism

The Chris Hughes era of The New Republic (TNR) seems to fulfill every old-school journalist’s greatest fear: A tech-focused millennial swoops in to “save” a struggling, small-circulation, niche magazine, attempting to “reinvent” the name for a 21st century audience. Hughes’ attempt to convert this very traditional magazine into a digital-heavy publication, however, has proven detrimental to the TNR name. This… Continue reading Old Journalism vs. New Journalism