Who We Are

image1Amy Haimerl is the professor behind Spartans Innovate, a course at Michigan State University teaching media innovation and entrepreneurship. As a journalist, she has covered entrepreneurship and small business since the dawn of the Internet. (Or at least since the mid-1990s.) She writes for the New York Times and Fortune and is the author of Detroit Hustle: A Memoir. She lives in Detroit and loves pitbulls and cowboy boots.

Laura Bohannon is a journalism senior at MSU with a concentration in media marketing. She has worked as an intern for AstraZeneca and Wakefern Food Corp. She was also a reporter for The State News in East Lansing and Capital News Service in Lansing. Laura’s interests range in communications, digital marketing, social media, public relations and advertising. She’s from right outside Philly and loves sports, the beach and Wawa.

Kiara Carter is a senior journalism major with a concentration in sports reporting. She is a member of the varsity Women’s Basketball team here at MSU. Most of her time she is juggling basketball, school and preparing for the GRE. Basketball has taken her to many cool places around the world, such as France, Italy, London and New Orleans. When she isn’t studying or at practice she loves to read poetry and hang out at her apartment.

Sophie Charboneau is a student at MSU studying journalism and minoring in public relations. She has written for different platforms, including the Odyssey and The Black Sheep Online. She’s continuing her professional experience interning at a local communications firm. When she isn’t at school or working, you can catch her outside or, more accurately, in a kayak.

Courtney Downey is a student at MSU studying journalism with a concentration in media marketing. She has written for different media platforms, such as VIM Magazine, the Spartan Newsroom, and her personal blog, Secrets by CoCo. Courtney is also an editorial fellow for College Fashionista. Aside from writing, she enjoys photography, design, singing, and cooking.

Lukas Eddy is an early 1996 model in excellent condition, especially considering the mileage and being a senior journalism major. He shows the typical wear and tear from over two decades on Earth, including motorcycle trips and work as the junior web editor for Adventure Motorcycle Magazine. When he’s not working, he spends his time with friends, motorcycles, the outdoors and trying to stay out of trouble.

Erika Greco is a senior journalism major specializing in media marketing. She was originally interested in broadcast journalism but an internship changed her path. She is a media marketing specialist at Spartan Net Co., where she is responsible for content development, ad campaign construction and management, social media management, graphic design, UI/UX, email marketing and more. She also enjoys blogging about food, lifestyle and fitness and is currently developing her own website.

Andrew Hudson is a student at Michigan State University studying Journalism. As a soon-to-be journalist, he hopes to utilize visual communication as his medium to tell stories because writing is not his strong suit. Over the past year, he uploaded YouTube videos as a way to develop his camera and editing skills. He’s also not a fan of Friday classes but is very excited for JRN 450!

Madison Job is a dog lover from Armada, Mich. This past summer Job ran her first half-marathon and plans to run another one this summer. When she isn’t in school, she loves going on long runs with her dog, Denver, and reading political thrillers. She is studying journalism and public relations with aspirations of being the spokeswoman for the governor of Michigan.

ImageBlair Moon is majoring in journalism with a concentration in electronic broadcasting. Originally from Ypsilanti, Michigan, he hopes to one day make it to L.A. or New York to be an entertainment reporter with shows similar to E! News and host red carpet events for award shows.

Anastasia Niforos is a student at MSU studying journalism and professional writing. She has written for such news organizations as The Tab and Spartan Newsroom. She is currently interning for Yote, a new social media app that has recently launched. In her free time she enjoys playing sports, hanging with friends and watching old Vines.

Anthony SandovalAnthony Sandoval is a MSU senior studying broadcast journalism. Taking an interest in writing for film, Sandoval plans on moving to Los Angeles after graduation to follow his passion. He enjoys helping others, spending time with friends and family, and traveling to new places and new adventures. He has worked as a video production intern for Quicken Loans. Adobe CC enthusiast. Cheese eater. Dog person. Creative media creator.

Alexa Seeger is a senior at MSU majoring in journalism, minoring in graphic design and public relations, and specializing in visual communications. She has been published on the Spartan Newsroom and in Michigander. She currently works for Fenner Conservancy, a non-profit in Lansing, Michigan. She describes herself as a designer, journalist, math and english enthusiast, artist, singer, cowgirl, organizationalist, and adventurist.

Nicholas K. Stahl is a student at MSU studying journalism and sales leadership. He has interned for CONAN as a production assistant and currently works for WKAR as a television production intern.  He is also the Michigan State Football Team’s digital marketing intern. In his free time he loves watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with his mother.

Madeline Stamm is a junior journalism major with a public relations minor at MSU. She is from Buffalo, N.Y., and I am obsessed with her hometown! She works for Big Ten Network doing graphic design, production and reporting for Michigan State athletics. She is a member of the visual media team for VIM, the MSU fashion magazine, and is the social media coordinator for her, Pi Beta Phi. She loves college basketball and football and is seeking a position in social media or PR.

Geneva Swanson is a senior journalism major with a minor in public relations. She’s had internships in both marketing and PR and now is working as a peer advisor in the career center at MSU. She hopes to pass on the dos and don’ts for internships and how to succeed at MSU to other students. When she isn’t in class she most likely has her nose in a book…or several.

Jamal Larry Tyler is a senior sports journalism student at MSU. He has interned at Fox Sports Detroit and his career goal is to be a beat writer for a major sports team. He once wanted to be a cardiac surgeon.